Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Pharmacists end symposium in Antigua.

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From Friday, February 2nd, to Sunday, February 4th, 2024, the Antigua and Barbuda Pharmaceutical Society hosted the three-day Caribbean Association of Pharmacists (CAP) Symposium, which concluded on Sunday, February 4th.

The theme of the Symposium was “Pharmacists making a difference in patients’ lives,” and it was conducted in a hybrid format, both in person and online through social media platforms.

The Symposium was a gathering of pharmacists, who are known as the most accessible community healthcare professionals, to address the pressing healthcare challenges of today’s evolving landscapes.

The event celebrated its forty-eighth year of professional excellence, and it emphasized the importance of continuous learning and improvement among its members.

The Symposium provided pharmacists with a platform to stay updated on the dynamic pharmaceutical and healthcare environments.

Students from the Antigua and Barbuda School of Pharmacy presented research papers on topics such as patient medication counseling and drug storage practices, with an aim to highlight patient compliance, safety, and cost implications.

Pharmacists from across the Caribbean participated in the Symposium, fostering professional comradery and regional integration within the pharmaceutical community.

The Symposium also signaled a commitment to advancing the pharmaceutical sector in Antigua and Barbuda, with plans to elevate pharmacy programs and increase the number of skilled professionals.

The Minister of Health, Sir Molwyn Joseph, expressed his support, stating that “The Symposium serves as a crucial platform for advancing healthcare standards and ensuring that pharmacists are equipped to meet the evolving needs of our communities.”

As the Symposium came to an end, organizers and participants aim to translate the gathered insights into tangible improvements in patient care, not only in Antigua and Barbuda but also across the wider Caribbean region.


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