Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Commissioning of new cemetery at Tomlinson’s could come by month-end

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Health Minister Sir Molwyn Joseph has confirmed that the new cemetery being developed at Tomlinson’s is well on track to be commissioned before the end of February.

The minister announced and revealed that burials are expected to start soon after.

However, he added that the actual date for the commissioning of the cemetery will be announced following Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting.

The minister also disclosed that he will make one final visit to the site this week to check on the progress of the preparatory work being done by the Ministry of Works, responsible for building roadways in the cemetery.

He emphasized that the roadways inside the cemetery are very important to ensure that traffic can traverse the area without causing any inconvenience.

On the crematorium issue, Sir Molwyn said that any private sector member could invest in such a facility, noting that the government would offer all the necessary concessions that a project of this magnitude attracts according to law.

He clarified that public statements indicating that the government and a Canadian group were at odds on details of the proposal they presented last week were perhaps due to the absence of written submissions.

The commitment from the group was communicated verbally, he suggested. The minister added that the way is now clear for the Canadian group to proceed with the investment.

It means that the crematorium development can move forward, providing much-needed facilities for the public.


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