Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Former Antiguan Olympian Sentenced to Jail for Molesting Hundreds of Boys

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A former Olympian and longtime track coach has been sentenced to up to 11 years in a US prison after admitting to sexually molesting young boys at a sports camp in western Massachusetts during the 1970s.

Conrad Mainwaring, who represented Antigua and Barbuda in the 1976 Summer Olympics, faced charges of indecent assault and battery on children.

The court heard emotional testimony from several victims, exposing the extent of the abuse.

District Attorney Timothy Shugrue revealed that Mainwaring used his Olympic status to exploit and target young boys, taking advantage of their vulnerability.

He manipulated them into believing that the sexual assault would enhance their athletic abilities.

The abuse occurred in various locations, including the campgrounds and a van.

Mainwaring, now 72 years old and residing in Los Angeles, pleaded guilty to all charges.

While he will serve his sentences concurrently, the judge acknowledged that given Mainwaring’s age, it is essentially a life sentence.

The court also believes that there may be additional victims in multiple states and abroad.

During Thursday’s hearing, several camp victims, ranging in age from 13 to 19, provided testimony recounting the shame and lasting damage caused by the abuse they endured.

They directly addressed Mainwaring, labeling him as a threat to young men and demanding a lengthy prison sentence.

Their argument emphasized the necessity of keeping him away from boys and young men, as well as prohibiting him from coaching.

John Shapiro, an entrepreneur and father of three, expressed his belief that Mainwaring must be incarcerated and prevented from causing harm again.

Shapiro, who himself suffered abuse at the Massachusetts camp and Syracuse University, described the pain and suffering experienced by numerous individuals.

He highlighted Mainwaring’s lack of remorse or forgiveness, emphasizing the likelihood of him repeating such actions if given the opportunity.

Shapiro also shared the profound impact the abuse had on his life, describing it as a source of darkness, sadness, and hopelessness.

He conveyed the immense suffering endured for many years, acknowledging the difficulty of articulating the extent of the trauma but making an effort to do so in that moment.

Shapiro emphasized that his life has never been the same since the initial instance of sexual abuse at Greylock.

Michael Waxman, an attorney from Portland, Maine, recounted his encounter with Mainwaring 40 years ago at the camp when he was just 13 years old.

Waxman revealed his initial excitement at being chosen by Mainwaring and his willingness to follow him anywhere to pursue his dream of becoming a top athlete.

However, Waxman made it clear that Mainwaring’s actions had nothing to do with his dream but were solely driven by perverted sexual desires.

The abuse left him feeling ashamed and disgusted for the first time in his life.

Waxman expressed his disappointment, stating that Mainwaring had stolen a part of his childhood, innocence, and carefree nature. He firmly addressed Mainwaring, asserting that he was a good kid who did not deserve to feel shame or disgust, while placing the blame squarely on Mainwaring.


  1. Love Antigua Bad

    Mainwaring should be put in a drum of hot sauce and then Shot in the penis!

  2. Jezz

    The sad truth is that, most abusers were themselves abused! In Antigua, a lot of that happened to young children during those early years — most likely still does! Kids don’t talk about what happens to them out of fear and shame. Most of the time, the act is perpetrated on them by a family member, neighbor, or close family friend! We need to be candid with our kids. Let them know that they can tell us ANYTHING without fear or punishment! We also need to be alert and observant! If a child does not want to interact with a particular adult, or is uncomfortable or withdrawn in their presence — ask questions! Do not force children to hug or physically interact with ANY adult they seem to have reservations about! There are signs that predators exhibit — LOOK FOR THEM! Keep our children safe!

  3. Teacher for Life

    Whatsoever is hidden in the dark will certainly come to light indeed.


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