Jamaican sentenced to 15 years in jail for killing Antiguan woman

Editorial Staff

Mar 7, 2023

Althea Henry’s murderer has been sentenced to 15 years and two months behind bars. His time spent on remand will be deducted. 

The government worker who was employed at the Passport Division was found dead at her Cashew Hill Home in June 2021.

Her killer Linsome Boyde, 56, a national of Jamaica confessed that he had killed the mother of one, who happened to be his ex-girlfriend.

Boyde was also charged and sentenced for Tajma Francis, the 21-year-old son of Althea.

Francis was hospitalized with injuries to his eye and the upper part of his body.

Boyde also confessed that he wounded Francis to kill him, following an altercation.

Henry was 47 years old when she was brutally murdered. Her body had multiple wounds when it was discovered.


  1. Anonymous

    This man should be serving life in prison for murder and attempted murder.
    What kind of punishment is that for a confessed killer?
    When he gets out, he’s gonna do it all over again.

    • Anonymous

      Them judge and jury need to watch lawnmower chupsss

  2. Audley Phillip

    Clearly benefiting significantly by pleading guilty and not wasting the courts time. This was most likely a part of the prosecutor and defense strategy in order to prevent a lengthy trial. Defendants usually benefit from reduced time in jail when they participate in these plea deal arrangement.

    • unknown

      Even though this is an injustice for murder and attempted murder you are correct. He was creditied time off for not wasting the courts time.

      • unknown


  3. Brown sugar

    Non sense

  4. Anonymous

    That is insanity in its highest level. How can one be sentence for just 15 years of eating tax payers money for such hideous crimes. The whole system has gone mad.

    • karen mcrae

      don’t worry he will have life in hell without parole

      • Pastor Sex

        If he asked God for forgiveness he will be in Heaven

  5. Paulina/ eagle eyez

    Eagle Eyez …If I was the Judge , Jury ,Jurors, which ever position I held in the Judiciary System, I would certainly dig a hole , AND bury the key to that murderer Cell room . He doesn’t deserve to see the light of day anymore .Such a bastard. You need to burn in your own hell’s doom.


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