Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

CTO conducts meetings in St. Martin for advancement of regional tourism sector

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CTO Secretary-General Dona Regis-Prosper (center in white attire) with Caribbean ministers and representatives in Saint-Martin last week. Second from right is CTO Chairman Kenneth Bryan, Minister of Tourism and Ports, Cayman Islands.

Recently, the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) organized a series of business meetings in Saint-Martin to bring together tourism ministers, directors, and other key stakeholders.

The aim was to engage in constructive dialogue and identify innovative solutions that could help elevate the Caribbean as the premier global destination for warm-weather tourism.

Led by Secretary-General and CEO Dona Regis-Prosper, along with Cayman Islands Chairs Minister of Tourism and Ports Kenneth Bryan and Director of Tourism Rosa Harris, the CTO’s leadership is actively shaping a comprehensive action plan to achieve this objective.

During the meetings, the participants discussed several challenges currently faced by the Caribbean tourism sector and proposed ways to overcome them.

A major focus was on enhancing aviation, fostering effective communication networks, and bolstering training programs within the tourism sector.

The CTO’s leadership is keen to address these vital issues and support the growth and development of the region’s tourism industry.

Looking ahead, the CTO has a packed agenda of significant events that are aimed at advancing its strategic objectives.

In April, the Sustainable Tourism Conference (STC) will be held in Grenada, followed by Caribbean Week in New York in June.

The forthcoming State of the Tourism Industry Conference (SOTIC), scheduled for September in the Cayman Islands, is also expected to be a major highlight.

These events are expected to facilitate meaningful discussions and collaborations among industry experts and stakeholders, helping to drive the sustainable growth of the Caribbean tourism sector.


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