New australian Prime Minister sworn in early


May 24, 2022

Anthony Albanese has been sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Australia. The 59-year-old leader of the labour party was sworn in on Monday, ending the nine-year rule of the Liberal party.

Although the counting of votes is still ongoing in Australia, the new Prime Minister was sworn in early to facilitate his trip to Japan for the QUAD summit, where he will be meeting with the leaders of the United States, India, and Japan. He was sworn in by David Hurley, the Governor-General of Australia at the government house in Canberra.

“I look forward to leading a government that makes Australians proud, a government that doesn’t seek to divide, that doesn’t seek to have wedges but seeks to bring people together.” These were the words of the new Prime Minister at his first media briefing after he was sworn in. The new Prime Minister also wrote on Twitter; “I am deeply honoured to serve as Australia’s Prime Minister. As Prime Minister, I want to bring people together and lead a government that is as courageous, hard-working and caring as the Australian people. That work starts today.” The work truly started immediately because the new Prime Minister immediately headed to Japan to join the QUAD Summit.

At the moment, it is still unclear if the Labor Party will form a majority government because the party is still four seats short of the majority after over 70% of votes have been counted. Albanese has confirmed that he is working with some independents to form a minority government, but he hopes his party gets the majority in the end.

During his campaign, Albanese promised tough actions against climate change, promising to make Australia the powerhouse for renewable energy. He also promised to bring the desired change to Australia. During his victory speech, the new Prime Minister promised to unite Australians and thanked the outgoing Prime Minister for his service to Australians. Outgoing Prime Minister, Scott Morrison had since accepted defeat and congratulated the new Prime Minister. He also wished him the best as the country’s Prime Minister.

Also sworn in alongside Albanese were Richard Marles (minister for Employment), Penny Wong (Foreign Minister), Jim Chalmers (Treasurer), and Katy Gallagher (Finance Minister). Other members of Parliament will be sworn in on June 1.

After they were sworn in, Prime Minister Albanese and Foreign Minister Wong immediately departed for Japan to attend the QUAD Summit.