Roosevelt Skerrit sworn in as prime minister

Roosevelt Skerrit was earlier today sworn in as Dominica’s prime minister for the 6th consecutive time.

Skerrit’s Dominica Labour Party was declared the winner following a very controversial general election, that was boycotted by the Opposition United Workers Party.

In fact, the DLP won 19 seats. The other two were won by independent candidates.

President of Dominica Charles Savarin congratulated Skerrit, saying that he believes he will be the only prime minister in the Caribbean in history to serve six consecutive terms as prime minister and to have led his party to five consecutive general election victories. 

Savarin said there was no repetition of the regrettable incidents that occurred in the lead-up to the 2019 poll nor violence on election day itself.

Meanwhile, Savarin says the issue of electoral reform is still a matter which is unresolved and looks forward to the report of Sir Dennis Byron on this matter.  

Meanwhile, Skerrit said the DLP has rewarded a resounding victory in the December 6 elections which he is sure shall be deemed credible, free, and fair, reflecting the will of the people of Dominica.  

The Commonwealth Observer Mission is expected to present their findings sometime this week.


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