Teachers Union forced the closure of public schools Tuesday

All public schools will be closed on Tuesday to ensure students will not be left unattended when their teachers meet with their; the Antigua & Barbuda Union of teachers from 9:30 a.m.

Director of Education, Clare Browne confirmed on Monday that there will be no classes on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Education met with A&BUT executives Monday afternoon after the union threatened industrial action if the Government fails to provide 24-hour security at all public schools by Monday.

The membership of the Union will be briefed on what transpired at a meeting with the Ministry of Education Tuesday.

President of the Union Casroy Charles said he did not want to disclose the content of the meeting until his membership has been informed.

When asked about the threat to take industrial action, Charles also refused to comment.

He was also tight-lipped when asked how teachers could attend a meeting at the same time they are expected to be in the classroom.

But in a statement sent to teachers Monday night, the Union said “We have met with the Ministry of Education and they made a counter-proposal. Accordingly, we will meet with the general membership to ventilate the proposal before us. During our deliberations, the Ministry decided to close public schools for students tomorrow. Teachers are asked to be present at work tomorrow. Please ensure that you encourage all members to sign in. The meeting will begin at 9:30 a.m. via ZOOM! We look forward to meeting with you,” the correspondent from the Union states.


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