PTA supports moves by teachers to demand better conditions

Residents continue to support a decision by some educators to demand 24-hour security in schools and this time President of the National Parents Teachers Association (PTA) Alister Thomas is joining the fight.

Thomas said on Thursday that teachers should be on the priority list of people who should be treated fairly.

He said the value of teachers within society is insurmountable and it is quite disheartening to see that they are not being treated the way they should be teachers should be one of the priority groups when considering remuneration.

“Teaching and teachers are the foundation of our society and without them, we would have a backward and archaic society. They play an invaluable role in they play in shaping the minds of society…In our view, they are not receiving the attention that they deserve and that is a sad part,” Thomas said.

Furthermore, Thomas said teachers should be among the group of people receiving the highest remuneration.

The Antigua and Barbuda Union of Teachers (ABUT) has been negotiating with the government for pay upgrades, lack of resources and safety and school security.

Concerns over safety and security at the schools came to the forefront in recent months following separate incidents of break-ins and vandalism on various school plants across the island.

They say their concerns are being neglected forcing them to threaten industrial action.

Meanwhile, the government said on Thursday that it will be increased patrols by the Police and the Defence Force of government schools, and there will also be postings at the most vulnerable schools at critical times.

Information Minister Melford Nicholas explained that there is also an agreement to increase the lighting and cameras on school compounds as deterrents to the vandalism and criminal trespass that have been occurring.

The specs for cameras will be managed by the Ministry responsible for Information and Technology, and the creation of a command center, where the cameras can be monitored, will also be established.


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