Protesting prison officers to be transferred

All nine prison officers who staged a protest outside His Majestys’ Prison last week will be transferred “in their own interest” to other government departments. That’s according to sources close to the matter.

Donning placards, some of which read “fix the back wall”, “compensation for officers”, no proper toilets” and “no drinking water”, the wardens claimed they were tired of working in an environment that affects their health and isn’t providing security for their future.

They also called for the resignation of prison boss Jermain Anthony.

Following days of what we understand was unapproved industrial action, a meeting was held among prison officials where a unanimous decision was taken to have these workers transferred.

One of the protestors, the most vocal perhaps, will be placed on long-term medical leave since according to our source she has been on leave for a year because of health issues.

The officers could be placed in public departments including the Transport board and other areas of health.

The workers were worried that they would have been victimized because of their tough stance last week.


  1. Vital

    What did u guys expected would happen?

  2. Slimaz

    Is that a solution to the problems that were out lined

  3. Brother Frank

    Can’t people speak out about situations that affects their health and safety anymore?
    Total victimization!!!
    The problems need to be solved and they were the voice crying from the wilderness.


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