Parker and Goodwin resigned after failed attempts to merge DNA with UPP?

The Democratic National Alliance has confirmed two top-ranking members of the party Bruce Goodwin and Malaka Parker are no longer with the DNA. They tendered their resignation on October 24th, according to a statement to the press issued late Thursday night.

But while the party says it accepts the resignation of its Chairman and 1st Vice President, the DNA is denying what it says are unfounded allegations regarding accountability and transparency outlined in their letter as, according to the minority party, there is absolutely no instance or evidence to support what is a red herring.

The DNA said the gripes of Parker and Goodwin may have stemmed from an interview on Observer back in February this year when they talked about a “coming together” of both parties (DNA and UPP).

The DNA said the announcement was made despite their continued failed efforts to persuade the DNA leadership that this was a path that the Party should pursue.

But the party said their position for a “coming together” of the DNA and the UPP was rejected by an overwhelming majority of the Party’s Management Committee at a meeting the following day.

“Shortly thereafter, Parker advised of her intention to take a sabbatical. Since then, both have effectively abdicated their roles, duties, and responsibilities within the Party and have participated in very few activities,” the statement said

Furthermore, according to the DNA, “in the penultimate paragraph of their letter, citing irreconcilable differences, both state their intention to apply whatever modest political skills we may possess to endeavors that may contribute positively and meaningfully to relieving our long-suffering country from the unbearable burden of predatory, fraudulent, incompetent and destructive political leadership.”

The DNA said that it is evident that both Goodwin and Parker intend to take their skills to the UPP “given their previous failed efforts to persuade DNA not to participate in the upcoming general elections”

The DNA’s President, Joanne Massiah, said “the Party is in a good place and we remain resolute in our commitment to champion the principles of Transformational Leadership, Good Governance, Accountability, and Transparency in public life and to deliver our motto, Prosperity For All.”

Leader of the UPP Harold Lovell has said that he was always open to speaking about a collaboration with the DNA.

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  1. Riyadh

    The DNA knows it cannot go anywhere but the party leader is a spoiler. Trying to hurt the upp. Let her continue her ways


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