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Editorial Staff

Parker says she’s “too ashamed to share the stories of what the DNA truly is”

​“I have granted you space for your delusions and public flailing, now it’s time to bring this folly to an end.” This was the comment from Malaka Parker, in response to recent DNA remarks and press releases over the last few days concerning her resignation as Chairwoman of the DNA.

Parker, along with her two other colleagues Bruce Goodwin and Gatesworth James were accused of trying to merge the DNA with the UPP, the party from which the newer Democratic National Alliance emerged following a bitter battle for leadership over four years ago.

But in a statement to the media on Friday, Parker denied the claims

“Let me be clear, Malaka Parker has not been engaged by, nor have I colluded with, nor am I in any way a part of any conspiracy of any kind with the UPP, their leadership, or any of its members. I have never once had any talks, not even one, with anybody in the UPP about formally renewing my membership with the party as it relates to this matter,” she said

Saying, “neither have I been engaged in any secret talks, secret meetings, or any discussions with UPP about the dysfunction that has come to characterize the party that I risked my political life for. I would be too ashamed, too confounded, and too humiliated to share the stories of what the DNA truly is, apart from its polished exterior and social media branding.”

The former Chairwoman said in all her political life, she has never knowingly lied to the public.

“So let me be categorical: my main reasons for leaving the DNA are stated in my letter to the party. The public should know that it is simply convenience, cowardice, and conniving for the DNA to manufacture my reasons for me. But I recognize the incredible paranoia, the bitterness, and vengeful cancer with which certain parts of the leadership of the DNA have been afflicted with for some time.”

Parker stated that over the last few weeks and to a lesser extent, the last three months she has sat quietly while certain leaders in the DNA waged a diabolical effort to discredit her and to erase or undermine her work and contribution made to the DNA because she refused to tag along on personal vendettas while ignoring the real work needed to build a strong party to truly usher in the new style of leadership they espoused.

 “I left the DNA because I will not follow blindly when there are serious questions that the people of this country need answered. They need solutions and politics require dispassionate analysis and strategic action. Nation-building cannot be fueled by personal issues. We cannot build by repeating the same leadership mistakes”

The former Chairlady stated, “By the way, I hope the country finds the humour in the irony being meted out to me. Because here it is that Massiah is firing at me the same accusations with which the UPP charged her. That her breakaway from the UPP was because of a secret alliance she had formed with the ABLP. That she was being paid to break up the UPP. That she was bitter from her overwhelming rejection by the leadership and the base of the UPP party,”.

Parker recalled that she defended Massiah when these allegations surfaced.

“These are allegations that I vehemently defended her against. Even protecting her from DNA candidates who ran on the party’s ticket in the last election and who tried desperately to convince me of this upon my return from my studies. But the speed and conviction with which she now accuses me of the same thing has caused me now to wonder. After all we know that evil thinks as evil does”

Parker ended by stating that she challenged Massiah, and any other member of the DNA to produce the evidence to support their accusations.

“At least the UPP claimed they had the contracts and proof of the many secret contacts between Massiah and Labour party operatives to bolster their claims. I am positive that she cannot produce any such evidence to support the claims she now makes” Parker stated.

Further she is also challenging any member of the UPP to produce any such evidence.

“So, I caution my countrymen and women and especially the young and impressionable candidates now in the DNA to think for themselves,”.

Parker ended by stating that as a young, educated, experienced and competent Antiguan and Barbudan she is free to associate with any political party, when, and if she decided to.


  1. Mae

    DNA is about getting back at the UPP former candidate Harold Lovell.

  2. Steven C. Mayers

    Being a reader of Antigua news, I have been curious as the reasons for the MASS EXODUS of the members of the DNA party.
    With this article alone, Ms. Parker (Ex-Chairperson), has clarified for me, the justification for the Exodus, and instilled in me, an admiration for the courage of those who “abandoned ship”.
    Indeed the corrosive atmosphere of personal ambitions, narcissistic agendas, and personal vendettas, is not, and never will be, the basis of SOUND GOVERNANCE.
    As we speak, the Republican Party of the United States of America, is on the verge of disintegration for these self same reasons. The members of the party have absolutely no interest in the NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE, but are totally into Vengeance against the opposing party, and their own personal gain, whether real or perceived.
    Ms. Parker’s ability to Clarify, Educate, or Bring into Focus, the Negative Forces that lead to the destruction of any Political party, Organization, or even a Partnership, Qualities her as a superior Asset to any Organization’s OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE.
    WE, the common people of Antigua and Barbuda, cannot afford to waste such an INTELLECTUAL ATHLETE.
    Let us encourage her to continue to focus her Abilities towards Service to the People of Antigua and Barbuda.
    May Almighty God continue to Bless and Prosper her.
    In JESUS’s Name I Pray.


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