Which party will actually win?

Both the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) and the Opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) are confidently claiming victory at the polls in the upcoming general elections.

On Saturday Prime Minister Gaston Browne says he was confident beyond a doubt that his government will be re-elected into office, based on recent opinion polls conducted by pollster Peter Wickham

Wickham, in a press statement on Saturday morning, confirmed that his poll showed a sure win for the incumbent ABLP.

However, the Leader of the UPP Harold Lovell is not believing that based on a poll that he says was conducted on behalf of his party.

He says an independent poll that was done recently confidently places the party on a path to victory.

“A poll was done recently, it was not a UPP-commissioned poll, but I had the opportunity to see the results. It was a poll done in 10 constituencies and of the 10 constituencies, I’m very happy to say that the UPP is ahead in seven. We did another poll just less than two weeks ago, and that is another key constituency where the UPP is well ahead. So we are going to win the next election from all the signs,” Lovell stated.

He noted that a UPP victory was not based on wishful thinking but rather it is supported by empirical data. The opposition party leader noted that “All the candidates are working very hard.”

“The Labor party, they are in an absolute tailspin. We’re waiting for the so-called red machine to crank up, but I hear they need a new starter, I hear the battery dead and all the parts that need adjusting and repair they trying to see what they can do. Whatever they do, they can jump high they can jump low if they not winning the next election. The UPP is gonna win the next election. People are fed up and people want a change and we’re gonna offer that change,” a confident Lovell told his listeners.

Furthermore, Lovell said when a party is satisfied that they are going to win an election, they call the election.

“This government has been threatening to call the election date almost two years now, he’s been saying they gonna call the election, and he keeps on saying he’s gonna win all 17 seats. However nothing in his actions point to somebody who has any confidence that they gonna win the election in terms of the majority of seats,” said the UPP leader.

He told voters that they should look out for bribery and other tactics by the ABLP in the weeks leading up to the elections.

“They going to try to I suppose do everything they can, just before the election, spend as much money, not because they care about people but because their only concern to give away the whole shop if they have to, to secure re-election. But we want to say to the people of Antigua and Barbuda whatever they giving you take it, it’s yours,” Lovell advised.

Over the weekend Prime Minister Gaston Browne admitted that the UPP was leading the ABLP in the polls conducted in All Saints East and St. Luke constituency, a stronghold and only seat of the UPP.

General election is constitutionally due in March of 2023.


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