UPP leader accuses the DNA of joining forces with the ABLP

The Democratic National Alliance and in particular its President, Joanne Massiah is accused of joining forces with the Antigua Barbuda Labor (ABLP) party in an effort to keep the United Progressive Party (UPP) from forming the next government.

Leader of the UPP Harold Lovell, now refers to the DNA as an extended arm of the ABLP.

His criticism is based on recent statements he says were made by the DNA leader since the resignation of three high-ranking members of the party.

“Previously we had what you may call an informal non-aggression pact. But since Bruce Goodwin left, Malaka Parker left and Gatesworth James left, I noticed that they have changed their attack, and so they are now on an all-out broadside against the United Progressive party and me in particular.

“On Friday there was a program on ZDK where the President of the DNA became very personal and launched very personal vindictive attacks on me,” Lovell told listeners to his Captain’s Corner program.

He noted that the ABLP “is the only party right now that can benefit from the antics of the DNA as they are currently constituted.”

He is however baffled that the DNA leader would choose to attack him and the UPP, and not the ABLP

“The country is in crisis. Now if the country is in crisis, how do you have a political party that instead of focusing on the people who are responsible for the crisis, who are running the country, you’re aiming your guns at the opposition?

“It’s pretty clear and I think it’s something that a lot of people are seeing because many people have told me that the Antigua Labor Party, they have the regular party, they have the youth arm, they have the women’s arm and now they have the DNA.

“So in effect, the DNA has become an arm of the Antigua Labor Party. They both seem to have the same objective which is to defeat the UPP, but its won’t happen,” an adamant Lovell stated.

The UPP leader’s comments come amid criticism by members of the DNA that its former members left because they failed in their mission to convince its leadership to join forces with the UPP to defeat the ABLP at the impending general election, an allegation that Parker has since denied.


  1. Marie

    Wait so everybody want to join forces this election. He say she say

  2. Sob Brown

    The only person that’s a hindrance to UPP, is the current leader, in previous elections he proved to be un-electorable and his position remains stagnant.

    It was his publc scathing attacks on Ms Josiah that contributed to her leaving UPP , he has now resorted to spreading fake news.

    His behaviour suggests that he feels challenged and insecure with strong, articulated fortnight Antiguan women.

    In 2008 whilst he was the.minister for tourism he appointed Carol Hay, a Jamacian as director for tourism at the High Commission in the UK.

    He has not explained his rationale for that appointment and why an Antiguan was not appointed in that role, which has left lots of questions unanswered and his conduct opened to speculations.
    If UPP is to stand a chance of winning the elections, the party first step is to removed Lovell as the leader and for the party to unite and provide the electorates with a transparent manifesto.

    • Sob Brown

      I have deep and worrying concerns with the government’s venture with establishing Antigua Airways with Mr Mike Marvellous, which incidentally is not his real name.

      Nigeria aviation has a poor record with health and safety with domestic flights and there have been many crashes.
      Additionally, Nigerians have an international reputation with human, drugs, banking fraud, money laundering and scamming.
      ALP should look into the problems that Trinidad and Tobago have with them:

      There are numerous incidents of Nigerians committing heinous crime in Trinidad and the incidents occurring in Trinidad should be regarded as a learning curve.

      I have been to Nigeria several times, it is a beautiful country, but it does not have a thriving tourist industry as is been promoted.

      Tourists does not regard Nigeria as a safe tourist destination. I tried to establish a tourism business in Nigeria, but could not progress it because tourists safety against kidnapping, robbery could not be guaranteed. Additionally, Nigerians is an unsafe country, it has had several coups and unexplained kidnapping.

      The emotive language used to describe Nigeria as the “mother land” is insidious, as Antigua’s slave ancestors were predominantly Ghanaians, Sierra Leonians and Gambians.

      I fear that the outcomes from this venture will have far reaching on our homeland worse than what occurred with Standford.

      Most airlines would not allow a pregnant lady to travel within 28 weeks of pregnancy, what is this airlines policy regarding pregnant women travelling, more specifically what is Antigua’ s policy regarding this?

      Is our immigration service an open door for abusers to enter the states to have a baby and then claim Antigua’s nationality? That approach could not work in the UK so why should Antigua be different?


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