Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

DNA calls for urgent call to muster change in Independence Address

​The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) continues to stand in solidarity with the citizens and residents of Antigua and Barbuda as we usher in our 41st anniversary of political independence amidst unprecedented uncertainty, fear, anxiety, hopelessness and despair crippling our people.

The chosen theme, “Moving Forward with Unity, Strength and Stability”, fails to resonate with the majority of us and there is a collectively conclusion that the members of the Cabinet live in a different Antigua and Barbuda to the rest of us! People continue to remark ad nauseum, “What Unity? What Strength? What Stability? Sadly, these sentiments reflect the pessimism which overshadows our country.

Never before has our country been so sharply divided politically!

Never before has there been such unprecedented unemployment!

Never before has there been such chronic under-employment!

Never before has crime paralyzed our people!

Never before has a government refused to address the cost-of-living crisis!

Never before has mal-nutrition been normalized for our people!

Never before has the plight of pensioners been ignored!

Never before have public servants been so demoralized!

Never before have civil society organizations been bullied into silence!

Never before has the freedom of the press been so trampled!

Never before have journalists been blatantly censored!

Never before have our constitutional rights and freedoms been so stifled!

Never before have our health care facilities been on the brink of collapse!

Never before has our educational system been so moribund!

Never before has land ownership been so unreachable to the people!

Never before has potable water been so unavailable to the homeowners, school plants, health care facilities and businesses!

Never before has our road network been so dilapidated!

Never before have economic opportunities so eluded our people!

Never before has our national debt rivalled that of a first world country per capita!

Never before has brain drain among our youth been so relentless!

Never before has a government so mismanaged our finances!

Never before has our economy teetered on the brink of collapse!


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