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Editorial Staff

NYPAAB calls for urgent action to address violence among young people

The National Youth Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda (NYPAAB) has issued a media release, condemning violence among the youth of Antigua and Barbuda, saying that it has become an alarming concern.

The significant increase in gangs, traveling with weapons, and other such horrendous acts have resulted in severe injuries and as of recently, young people being remanded to prison, the NYPAAB said.

They have called on the relevant stakeholders in the public and private sectors to swiftly implement a combative and rehabilitative solution for the dreadful situation.

“It is important for youths to understand their role in society. Youths are the backbone of our nation. We are one of the main agents of progressive change. Therefore, these acts of violence and crime pose a serious threat to the security of our country, creating an atmosphere of instability which threatens our peace and safety,” the statement said.

It is also important for youth to live a purposeful life, according to the NYP, saying “surely, gangs are not the way to go. The Association also notes that the lack of community sports and recreation also means that many young persons are not wholesomely engaged during after-school hours. As a result, there is a serious gap that needs to be filled”

They said the matter is of public concern as such “we call for urgent action”.


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