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Armstrong’s attorney says police seeking popularity by charging a “big man”.

Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin says persons in Antigua and Barbuda may be called to Jamaica to give evidence in the case involving the country’s Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Anthony Armstrong.

Armstrong arrived in Jamaica Saturday after a red notice from Interpol called for his arrest. He was arrested on his arrival at the airport and subsequently charged with conspiracy to commit fraud and fraudulent conversion.

He was taken before the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court Monday and is expected to return to court on November 10th. Armstrong is currently on $500,000 bail in his hometown.

“I have been informed that perhaps there may be one or two persons who may be required to go to Jamaica to give evidence in these matters. I am not at liberty to disclose these matters…” Benjamin told state media Monday night.

Meanwhile, Armstrong’s Attorney Hugh Wildman, has described the allegations against his client, as “concocted”.

According to reports from Nationwide news, Wildman says the police who arrested his client are merely trying to make news headlines by charging a “big man”.

Wildman according to the media outlet notes that the police have seemingly acted without guidance from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The charges stem from a matter in which Armstrong was found guilty of professional misconduct by the general legal counsel GLC in February this year.

It concerns the sale of three properties over 18 years ago. The GLC found that Armstrong breached the law by signing a paper as a witness for a client who was not physically present.

The proceeds of the sale were reportedly paid over to the complainant’s father, who at the time was authorized to be his agent.

Wildman told the court that his client voluntarily came to Jamaica to facilitate the investigation, but he was instead arrested at the airport.

He contends that the complainant is a self-confessed drug dealer who was arrested and charged and convicted of trafficking drugs and the complainant, previously vowed to destroy his client.

Wildman also expressed concerns regarding Armstrong’s passport which was seized by the police.

He requested for it to be returned on the basis that his client is not a flight risk.

He also asked that the matter be dealt with swiftly for Armstrong to return to his duties in Antigua. But the investigating officer objected to this.

The officer noted that Armstrong has not been cooperating with the process.

She says the accused was invited for a question-and-answer session in August, but she says the request was denied.

A warrant was reportedly sent through Interpol and a red notice was issued for Armstrong’s arrest.

Wildman says such information is scandalous. He notes that the Red Notice was subsequently withdrawn.

He further pointed out that his client was always willing to cooperate.

Wildman signaled his intent to go to the Constitutional Court to have the matter declared an abuse of process.

Meanwhile, Attorney Linda Wright, who is a member of the defense team says full disclosure of the charges is expected by Thursday.

“I am unable to make any comment because we have not yet gotten disclosure. But our client is here he is ready to defend himself in this matter and we will await the necessary papers from the court. So, we are just awaiting what the prosecution has. So, we really know our next month”, she said in an interview with Nationwide news.


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