The DNA is not an extension of ABLP-Smith

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) candidate for St John’s City East Leon Smith has responded to comments made by the Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) Harold Lovell, that the DNA is an extended branch of the Antigua Barbuda Labor Party (ABLP).

Lovell has continuously accused the DNA of joining forces with the ABLP to attack the UPP and its leader.

But Smith told those gathered at a public meeting in Fort Road last night that he is offended by such statements

“About two weeks ago, you heard the captain [Lovell] insinuating that because Bruce Goodwin and Malaka Parker left us, the DNA will fall, and you could hear his elation. And he said that the DNA is an arm of the Labor Party and I take offense to that because I have never joined the ABLP,” Smith said.

Smith says records will show that it is the UPP is responsible for the power that the ABLP now enjoys

“If you want to know why the ABLP is in power, it is because of the neglect of the UPP who failed to deal with justice, and because of that the ABLP is like a runaway train going down the hill and they want to blame the DNA for that,” he said.

The DNA has been plagued by resignations over the past few weeks


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