Gov’t not footing Burna Boy’s bill

Burna Boy will be bringing the heat to Antigua and Barbuda on December 17th but the government will not be footing the bill.

When the announcement was made that the Grammy-winning international artists were heading our way next month, innuendoes were flying left right, and center about who exactly will pay the Afrobeats singer

“You can bring Burna Boy but we have no water”, one blogger wrote, while another said, “we catching hell ina yah what the hell are you telling me about Burma Boy”.

But the government has said it is supporting the venture but not financially.

The Cabinet held preliminary discussions on the Burna Boy concert to be held in December, 2022. Despite the presence of Government officials at the launch, there is no financial liability on the part of the Ministry of Tourism or the Ministry of Creative Industries. Since May 2022, the Ministry of Creative Industries has endorsed 147 such events, without providing financial support to any, according to the Cabinet notes

Fete Kingdom Entertainment is responsible for Burna Boy and they too have said that the government is not supporting the show financially.

Burna Boy, alongside several other artists, will perform at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium.

Full disclosure of the other artists has not yet been released but we know that tickets are costing in the hundreds.


  1. Jus-ah-ras

    Good for dem!! Ah whom dem ah try fool? Supporting, but not financially. Thank you Santa Gaston 👏🏽

  2. Ms. Antigua



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