Community defend man Jamaican accused of raping 4 year-old

Police in Jamaica have detained a 26-year-old man from Westmoreland who is accused of sexually abusing a four-year-old neighbor after the child’s cousin raised the alarm.

However, even relatives of the child believe that the man is innocent.

“I don’t believe that [he] did that. He is so innocent. He is so calm. He can’t even mash ants, so I don’t understand. But if he didn’t do it, well, somebody else did it,” the child’s paternal aunt told the Jamaica Observer.

It is alleged that the man who lives across the street from the child, had molested her on more than one occasion.

“While bathing her, she told me that her vagina scratches so I ask her what had happened and she said she didn’t remember how many times, but a nuff time. So, I ask her why she doesn’t tell her parents and she said that they will beat her because a nuff time har mother beat her for things when she tell her,” the cousin stated.

“After she told me and I looked and stuff, she looked as if she was troubled for real. So, I told the mother that she has to look for herself,” her cousin added.

A report was made the police after the child was taken to the hospital for a medical examination, and still remains there.

The accused mother is convinced that he did not violate the child.

“I asked him and him seh him did not trouble the little girl. The other day I went to the station and him seh, ‘Mummy, I am not guilty.’ And I feel bad because right now mi can’t even eat,” she told the Observer.

Another member of the community says he too does not believe that the accused committed such a horrible act.

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