800 market vendors to be removed from the city

St Vincent’s Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonzalves has put about 800 vendors on notice that they will be removed from the streets in Kingstown. It will happen within the next 10-14 days he says.

In St Vincent, there are 389 registered vendors, from this number 99 of them are expected to be sheltered in the newly built uptown market, accounting for the bulk of those who ply their trade in town on a regular basis.

It also caters to those who ply their trade through Middle Street but will only be allowed to do so on one side of the road using the back of the police station.

Meantime Gonsalves says the Kingstown Town Board is making arrangements to facilitate a flea market in an organized manner.

The structured form of vending being introduced is part of the Government’s plan to upgrade the capital city and includes the rehabilitation of Little Tokyo and the second largest capital project, the Port Modernization Project.


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