Skerrit exposes ministers at DLP rally


Nov 20, 2022

Dominica’s Prime Minister has given a serious tongue lashing and what many have described as public humiliation to members of his government infront of a cheering crowd last night.

Skerrit, who did not mention anyone by name, accused his ministers of lack of performance and choosing to “party” and “travel”, instead of attending to the needs of their constituents.

He says he will fire any of the new members, 10 of them, who fails to perform. 


  1. Concerned

    That is something else.

  2. Ronald

    That’s throwing your minister’s under the bus. That ain’t kool. Besides what are you doing about it?

    • James

      That ain’t kool during campaign no. He is technically campaigning against members of his own party.

  3. Anton

    If ever a leader throws his ministers under the bus like that they should all overthrow him.


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