Watch police apprehend students

The spate of violence surrounding schoolchildren in Antigua is on the rise and the police are not having it

This video has been circulating on social media which shows policemen picking up students at a secondary school.

Our newsroom will give you details and confirmation once we speak with the authorities.

All this comes as two popular gangs calling themselves 2Drilly and 700 Bones have been put on notice that the government will soon make amendments to the Child Justice Act in to deal with people like them.

The gangs, which are made up of students from three schools on the island have caused serious injuries to other students in recent days, some resulting in their hospitalization.

The groups are very vocal on social media and do not shy of displaying their identity to the world. They are seen with cutlasses, machetes, and knives, vocally threatening their next target.

But Legal Affairs Minister Steadroy Benjamin said the government has taken a zero-tolerance approach and will amend the law to give the police more power to deal with such students.

“So, I am going to make it simpler for the police to deal with these types of people…I will go back to parliament very soon to change it…I will deal with that and I can assure you will stamp it out and stamp it out now,” he said.

Benjamin said parents will also be held accountable for their children’s behavior.

“You parents who have children whom you cannot control, whom you have on the streets conducting these violent acts, I shall amend the law to make you responsible as well. We will deal with you as well…that is a promise. You have got to control your children.…” Benjamin warned.


  1. Anonymous

    They bold enough to do the crime,so do the time children or not period.

    • Mystic

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      • Blondi

        Thumbs up Mr. Benjsmin i have been saying along time,parentsvare to blame they not training their children right. They must be held responsible. These children also need counselling theyvneed Spritual hel which is so impotant at this time. They are allowing the Devil to take countrol. We gotta nip it in the bud before it gets worst. We are praying for them at our church. Keep up the good work.

      • Scared parent

        From the time you sit down to think about taking a cutlass to chop a human is pre meditated murder.
        I have to let my child know to get out of the way when you see fighting.
        Run far away!!!

    • 2Drilly

      We not afraid of nobody not even the police… tell dem we have guns to not only knife and cutlass in school. Next week we go start war in town and some bwoy go get chop up fr
      #2drilly #crimeboss

      • Death

        Its very interesting on the level of lawless you juviniles have these but i must say until you mess with the wrong child and the parent grab you one by one and start breaking couple of your bones and leaving you for dead at the steps of sir laster bird medical centre i bet you all will stop this nonesence remember antigua is very small just remember that little children

  2. Not trump

    School children with cutlass… you need laws to deal with kinda behavior…chopping up other students….you need to change laws to deal with that…

    • In

      All that Anger and Malice starts in the Home, let all those who are involved suffer the Consequences of their actions.

  3. Kmft

    An they call themselves children they are demon need to be put away for life

  4. No nonsense woman

    Christmas Eve around the corner. Police go have to make sure the police vechicle full a gas and make sure they have enough full pen of ink and enough log book and enough police on streets cause deh a weh d heat a go on. If they don’t put a stern stop n reinforce a stern measure for violence gonna be very bloody this year for anu ending 2022. They need to bring back hanging u do the crime face the time no matter how old u r.


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