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Editorial Staff

Student under police protection after “you’re next” warning

No child should be under police protection because she fears for her life at the hands of her peers. Well, that is the case at a popular school on the island.

A mother told the media on Wednesday that her daughter is currently being escorted to school by police after threats of violence were made against her by her classmates

The young girl whom her mother said has never had a history of trouble in school or even at home is only 13 years old.

The woman said the family had no choice but to arrange police security on the school compound for the child so that she was able to complete her exam. But even that, according to the mother is having a serious psychological impact on her daughter

The woman told Observer she became afraid after she received a letter from the school that her child attends summoning her to a meeting.

The child saw that her photo was being shared among other students on their cellphones with the caption “you are next”, The student reported that she was unaware that her photo was even taken in school.

Reports are that the teen requested that her classmates delete the photo. The students claimed then they were simply fooling around. However, a meeting was held and days later another photo of the student emerged with the caption “snitch”

The students photo appeared on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, which caused concern among the family, prompting the intervention of the police

Gangs made up of students from several schools have been causing havoc among young people in Antigua and Barbuda, with some receiving serious wounds and others hospitalized for days.

It is said that gangs called – 2 Drilly, its affiliate 2 Drilly Girls, and alleged rival 700 Bones —are behind the attacks. 


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