Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Probe Underway After Video Shows Male Teacher Handling of Student Roughly

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There is a controversial video that is circulating, which shows a teacher handling a student roughly.

The incident is said to have taken place at the All Saints Secondary School. The teacher in the video is allegedly the student’s uncle, and can be seen physically disciplining him in front of other students.

The regulations for maintaining discipline in schools are unambiguous and are explicitly stated in the Education Act.

These rules take precedence over any external influences or instructions. However, an unusual occurrence came to light recently, where a mother ostensibly granted her brother permission to punish her son in front of his classmates.

It has been reported that this incident was captured on camera by a fellow student. The teacher is heard telling the young boy that he is tired of talking to him while he grabs him by the back of the neck and pushes his head against a wall.

In a disturbing video that recently went viral on social media, a teacher can be seen pressing a young boy against a wall while demanding that he answer a question.

The child, visibly upset and crying, points in a certain direction and says that “everyone is pounding in here”.

The teacher persists, asking who was pounding before the short 21-second clip comes to an end.

Following the widespread backlash and concern, a woman claiming to be the boy’s mother commented on the video, stating that she had given her brother permission to discipline her son.

She explained that the child had been disrespectful to his uncle in front of the entire class, and that she supported her brother’s actions.

However, the use of physical force as a form of discipline has been a topic of concern for many.

The psychological impact on the victim and the other students present cannot be ignored, as evidenced by a young girl in the video who appears visibly distressed and looks away from the scene unfolding before her.

The Ministry of Education is currently investigating the matter, and Director of Education Clare Browne has stated that it will be dealt with appropriately.

The incident has sparked a wider conversation about the appropriate methods of discipline in schools, and the need for a safe and supportive learning environment for all students.


  1. Anonymous

    Soo which one the School wants the Police Shackles on their hand and lifting or throwing them in back of a Pickup .the Uncle might seem a bit hard on him but they need too Respect their Elders 😭 We are loosing our Children Soo someone have too Stand up 😞 and Pull that Chain back in

    • Grateful

      I fully agree with you. Our children have grown Disrespectful even infront of other persons and don’t care. This law right now makes our children worst. We need our children not their disrespect. Right now not even the Police want to deal with them. I remember when parents would call me to discipline their child and up to today some thank me for that, now me haffu crazy. But tell mine come good cause I give teachers permission to discipline not abuse them.

  2. Teacher for Life

    Probe what? PROBE WHOM? Our children need to be disciplined not left to run wild and be disrespectful to their elders. How about probing those parents who put fetting and their love lives above raising their children? How about probing the effects that this lack of discipline is having on our community ? This teacher/ uncle should be applauded not investigated/ disciplined. And the reason those other children reacted as they did is because they have never witnessed a peer being disciplined and they themselves have probably never been. Parents need to parent ..not be their children’s friend!


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