Tracking devices for incapacitated

Covid-19 Tracking bracelets could be repurposed for monitoring vulnerable residents in Antigua and Barbuda.

Information Minister Melford Nicholas told the weekly Cabinet press conference that the bracelets could be used to monitor vulnerable residents, including those with autism and incapacitated.

There have been several missing persons in Antigua and Barbuda that have not yet been found, the latest is Shamar Harrigan, an autistic teenager who has been missing since November 14th.

Nicholas said the government would have used some of these tracking devices during Covid and are still in the possession of his ministry.

“Devices could be made available…there are IT companies here that I may want to reach out to, to find out whether we could have tracking devices that persons who are challenged, or senior persons who could roam, so it becomes an easier way to track them,” Nicholas said.

Nicholas said further, the use of tracking bracelets could prevent another missing case – similar to the current missing autistic teen, Shamar Harrigan.

The Minister also acknowledged the country’s struggles concerning finding missing persons alive.

“We do not have a good result of persons who have gone missing that they have been able to be found alive. And that is very unfortunate. Sometimes their health conditions overcome them and without access to the help we would lose them,” he said.

Harrigan has been missing since Monday afternoon Concern for the safety of a missing teen with special needs continues to grow more than three days after he was last seen at his Willikies home.

Distraught relatives and friends of Shamar Harrigan of Willkies say the young man, who has autism, needs his regular medication.


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