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Editorial Staff

Married couple electrocuted in Guyana

A man and his wife were electrocuted at their home in Guyana on Monday, according to reports from Georgetown.

The victims have been identified as Sorajanie Hansraj, 32, and her husband Prahalad Jagnarine, 39.  

Police say the couple lived in the Success Squatting Area, East Coast Demerara.

Guyana Power & Light has insinuated that the couple may have had an illegal connection.

According to reports from Loop News, the couple’s 11-year-old daughter said her mother indicated she was going on the road to pick up her father around 7 pm on Sunday. 

The news article claimed that she later woke up around 6 am and observed that they were not home, walked out to the Alleyway, and discovered her parents lying motionless beside each other.  

The child immediately alerted neighbours, who assisted her, and notified the police.  

The victims’ bodies were examined, and burnt marks were seen on the neck, chest, and right wrist of Jagnarine and burnt marks on the left wrist and left side back of Hansraj.  

The power company said after conducting further searches a length of red and black wire was seen next to the two bodies.

The wire was connected to an electrical post leading to their home which has since been disconnected.

The entire matter has prompted the electricity to issue a statement reminding residents about the dangers associated with illegal connections.


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