Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Burglaries on the rise in Montserrat

Burglaries are on the rise in Monserrat and the police there are warning homeowners and businesses to be on their guard.

The Royal Montserrat Police Service says over the past two months, reports of burglary and larceny have been higher than ever before.

Police reported that they have responded to five reports in the Brades area where large sums of money and alcohol were stolen from businesses.

According to reports, during the long power outage in the Sweeneys area, the manager of a well-known establishment reported that his business place was burglarised and thieves made off with a large sum of money and other items.

“Business Owners and Residents are encouraged to remain vigilant and to refrain from keeping large sums of money at their premises. Persons are also encouraged to invest in CCTV systems to aid in securing their premises,” the police service said in a statement.

“In spite [of] the increase in criminal activity both business owners and residents are assured that Officers are working along with members of the Community in ensuring their safety and more importantly Officers are following up on all leads in order to apprehend the person(s).


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