Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

LPG has arrived!

The Daniel B is currently berthed at the dock discharging Liquid Petroleum Gasoline into WIOC’s tanks, completely alleviating fears that there will be a major shortage of LPG during the holiday season,

Although the sea swell has not improved that much, Gregory Georges, the West Indies Oil Company General Manager said his team is managing the risk appropriately.

The island experienced a shortage of LPG last week after the vessel had to turn back because of sea conditions.

Georges said the vessel which came from Dominica docked at around 6 o’clock this morning.

“We do not have the best sea conditions now but the vessel has been able to discharge LPG into our tanks…By the end of the day, our tanks will be full. We don’t expect to have any shortage of LPH during the holidays,” he said.


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