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Editorial Staff

Video: Woman says thieves who stole her items will be cursed by God

Threats that the same curse placed on Pharaoh and the Egyptians shall be in their household mothers were not enough to compel thieves from returning stolen items from a woman’s shop.

“First person that going to die within the three days if you don’t return my items is your mother, then you, not even you, I want you to suffer, so I’m going to hold on you for a little, your family will suffer the same way Pharaoh and his family suffer,” the angry woman said

Apparently, the woman, who lives in the US sent a barrel down to St Lucia to her mother who operates a shop but the items were stolen.

Look at this video


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  1. Roytoy

    Hahahhaahhajajahajajajaajjajajajajahaaj. Lady move your raaasssasas. Putting God in your assnessss?


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