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Editorial Staff

Elections will be called within days

Prime Minister Gaston Browne could announce the date of general elections when the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party launch its candidates on Monday next week.

Information Minister Melford Nicholas confirmed that the announcement could be made on that said date.

The highly publicized ABLP campaign launch is scheduled to commence at 7 pm at the party’s headquarters on December 19.

“I think the smart money is in that. I think it is fair to say, anybody who studies politics could know that at such an auspicious event, it is more than likely the prime minister will announce the date which he has indicated to the Governor General…” Nicholas said.

Nicholas said he is confident that the ABLP will be re-elected into office.

“There are many areas that the government can claim successes and it has performed. The prime minister likes to say that it is the best-performing administration since we became an independent nation and I share in that belief as well,” he added.

Meanwhile, Pollster Peter Wickham says he expected elections to be called in January.

“It’s a good time to call an election. It is a good time for Antigua and Barbuda in terms of elections., I expect that it will be in January. It is too late to call it this year. I think it’s a good thing because you have a tremendous number of activities.

He talked about the launch of the newly re-developed port and the buoyant tourism industry as an advantage for the government.

Wickham said there are many reasons why the ABLP will be ahead of the other political parties.

“The ABLP’s major strength is the fact that they are incumbent. The strength of incumbency is always significant. It means probably you are better funded and more organized and you know when the elections are coming which is critical,” he said on State Media today.

Another strength, according to Wickham is that the ABLP has a “sitting” prime minister and a legacy; being the party that they have won the most elections in Antigua and Barbuda.

Elections are constitutionally due in 2023.


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