Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Victory for former Jolly Beach workers

Over the next two days, over 400 former Jolly Beach workers are expected to be paid.

Earlier today, the Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union dished out cheques to many former Jolly Beach workers who were owed severance and other payments

From 10 am on Thursday until 12 pm, the kitchen, dining room, and housekeeping staff were paid.

The severance payments come more than two years after the hotel property ceased operations.

Since then, the workers and the Union have been engaged in a protracted severance battle with the Government after it acquired an interest in the hotel property.

General Secretary of the ABWU said despite accusations of political games leveled at the union, “all we were seeking to do is to ensure that the workers get what was owed to them,”.

“We continue to look to serving the working class of Antigua and Barbuda. We want to demonstrate that through the exercise we continue to carry out, we are here to serve the people,” he said.

Tomorrow Friday, Security, water sports, ground and maintenance, front office, entertainment and all other departs will receive their checks


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