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Editorial Staff

Woman chopped to death, another in hospital in Jamaica

A woman has died in Jamaica and another is seriously injured following what reports there said was a domestic dispute.

The woman who was seriously injured is hospitalized and a man is currently being sort by the police.

The deceased has been identified as 42-year-old Sonia Campbell of Vershon Gully in Bull Bay. She was reportedly chopped during a domestic dispute with her common-law partner.

Reports from the police are that Campbell was at home shortly before 9pm when she got into a dispute with her common-law partner, who allegedly chopped her all over her body.

Another woman, who was in Campbell’s home at the time, attempted to intervene and she, too, received chop wounds.

Both women were taken to the hospital where Campbell was pronounced dead and the other woman admitted.

Campbell’s common-law partner is now being sought by the police.


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