Guyanese DJ chopped to death during a bar brawl

Editorial Staff

Jan 9, 2023

Brian Pitam, who goes by the stage name of Dj Viper was chopped to death on Sunday in Guyana.

Dj Viper, a 28-year-old DJ was killed at a bar in Laluni Village according to police in Georgetown.

Reports are that the youngster was with his father-in-law Kumar Bacchus when three men entered and attacked Bacchus and when Pittam intervened was dealt several chops about his body.

He was taken to the hospital but died while on the way. Police say his wounds were severe, including deep cuts on his neck and back. Three finders were also severed.

Police have arrested one of the three attackers.

Condolences and grief were poured out on Facebook and other social media pages.


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