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Editorial Staff

Woman protests for maternity benefit

A woman took her infant to the Social Security Scheme headquarters today, to protest for what she said was her long-awaited maternity benefit.

Onesha Elvin, an unemployed mother said since she gave birth ten months ago, she has never received a dime although having paid into the scheme for years.

“Why should I have to wait 6, 10, 12 months for my benefits?” her placard read as she stood outside the office.

The woman notes that with the current cost of living, baby items, including formula and pampers, have become quite expensive.

Elvin said she was not embarrassed to be the only woman standing outside the Social Security office as she knew that other mothers were in the same predicament but were afraid to come out.

​“I am doing for them. For all those who cannot come out. Afraid to come out. Don’t want to come out…I’m doing it for them,” she said.

While Elvin said she receives support from her partner, “one hand cannot clap”, she added.


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