Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

A not-so-bright Xmas for Dominicans

Hopefully, by today the literal fight for fuel in Dominica will simmer down and residents can enjoy a peaceful Christmas holiday

The shortage of fuel caused a major upset among residents in the Nature Ilse over the past week, as quite a number of them were unable to travel to Roseau to engage in their usual holiday shopping.

The city, was similar to a ghost town compared to previous years, as Dominicans take Christmas very seriously.

They are not just big on the black rum cake but the market square and promenade would be filled with people drinking, socializing, and having a good time in the run-up to Christmas. But not this year.

Many people spent hours in long lines at gas stations, hoping to get even one gallon of the scarce commodity. Some had to turn back after almost 7 or even 8 hours of waiting.

Many motorists left their homes on foot, in the wee hours of the morning with gas bottles in their hands because their vehicles can no longer move.

The police were called to the scene at some gas stations to ensure law and order as there were several moments of tussling over who was first in line.

Only vehicles with diesel are operating now in Dominica; a handful to be exact.

The pullout of Rubis in Dominica has bruised the fuel sector, with the country relying on the West Indies Oil Company for supplies. But WIOC suffered some major shortages this week as well when sea swells prevented the boat from docking in Antigua for days, further delaying any supply to Dominica

PetroCaribe, a Venezuelan company has had to assist in the supply of fuel but even that was insufficient


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