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Relief and worry as Dominicans wait to fill up their tanks

Dominicans are expressing relief and some anxiety, as they lined up with hopes that their tanks will be filled up after over a week of fuel shortage on the islands.

A man named Helbert Vidal spoke to Dominica media, telling them that he had to wait over 12 hours before he could finally get some fuel.

Vidal owns a pickup van which he says has been sitting in his garage for the entire week without petrol.

“Man, I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am. For an entire week, I have not been able to get to my farm because of the distance and the lack of fuel and this really took a toll on me. I have never experienced such nonsense in Dominica in my 67 years in this county. This is chaos and it’s the average man who’s really feeling it. The situation needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency, “ he told reporters.

While many motorists were able to fill up their tanks, they are concerned about what will happen in the days ahead.

Since the pull-out of Rubis from Dominica, there have always been concerns about fuel shortage

And Karem Reid, a man who was also in the line for hours, shares the same sentiments.

“It’s also very taxing because I am here waiting to spend almost 200 dollars, which could have gone to buying something for my kids for Christmas, instead I have to spend it on gas, as I am fearful that if I don’t and wait till I get paid next week, then it will be too late,” he said.

The shortage has also had a major upset on the fishing sector since fishermen have not been able to embark on ocean fishing for over one week.

“We should be able to go to the fisheries division and fill up our containers, we should not be there in the line struggling with everybody else to get gas,” a fisherman stated.

Meanwhile, bus drivers and fishermen say they should be a priority in any such shortage.

“At the end of the day, without the bus drivers transporting people to and from where they need to go the country cannot run,” said Anthony Cordel, a senior bus driver.

The senior bus driver who has also been unable to work for the week believes that reserving a petrol station for those in his profession solely will make the process go more smoothly.

The authorities attributed the current predicament to rough seas and announced that petroleum shipments are also anticipated on the island on December 25 and 27.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit declared that his administration would expand Petrocaribe’s gasoline storage space and sign a deal with a local gasoline provider to establish a national reserve in case fuel delivery to the island encounters difficulties.

He did not specify the provider or a timeframe for when the storage capacity will be increased. (Credit DNO)


  1. Benjamin

    A corrupt government that is unable to reduce the tax on fuel import will cause our death. Many people are unable to travel to fill their prescriptions. The people suffer while the Prime Minister and his cabinet are living high off te hog!

    • Eesee

      Reset. That’s what Dominicans want.


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