Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

CANU agents in Guyana make $20M Christmas cannabis bust

So much for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. While families got together and spread good tidings and joy on Christmas day, the officers of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) in Guyana were busy in an operation that led to major drug bust.

The operation resulted in millions of dollars’ worth of cannabis being seized.  

According to reports, from Loop News, on December 25, CANU officers conducted an operation on Black Bush Polder main road where they attempted to intercept a vehicle. 

Two male occupants exited the vehicle and fled into the nearby bushes leaving the vehicle parked along the roadway. 

A subsequent search was conducted on the vehicle, revealing 10 bags containing a number of parcels of suspected cannabis. 

The suspected narcotics along with the vehicle were escorted to CANU’s Berbice Office where the narcotics tested positive for cannabis with a total weight of 179.8 kg or 394.6 lbs. and a street value of approximately 20 million dollars. 

Investigations are ongoing.  (Source GC)


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