Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Normination Day locations

Nomination Day will take place on December 28 from 8 am until 6 pm.

Candidates will be asked to deposit $500 and present 10 persons to officially nominate them.

The following locations have been chosen for Nomination Day

  • St John’s Rural North          – Cedar Grove Primary School
  • St John’s Rural South           – Golden Grove Primary School
  • St John’s Rural East             – Clare Hall Secondary School
  • St John’s Rural West            – Multipurpose Cultural Centre
  • St John’s City East               – Princess Margaret Secondary School
  • St John’s City West              – Villa Primary School
  • St John’s City South             – Mary E Piggott Primary School
  • St George                            – Potters Primary School
  • St Peter                               – Parham Primary School
  • St Paul                                – Liberta Primary School
  • St Philip North                    – Glanvilles Secondary School
  • St Philip South                    – Freetown Primary School
  • St Mary’s North                  – Antigua State College
  • St Mary’s South                   – Bolans Primary School
  • All Saints East and St Luke  – Irene B Williams Primary School
  • All Saints West                    – Sea View Farm Primary School
  • Barbuda                              – Holy Trinity Primary School


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