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Editorial Staff

Man sentenced and fined for having Antiguan and Trinidadian wife

A man named Michael Junior Wong has been sentenced and fined for being married to two women at the same time. Wong was charged with Bigamy.

Wong pleaded guilty to the crime when he appeared before High Court Justice Ann Marie Smith, on January 27.

He was fined $7,000, to be paid on or before April 28 this year or face one year behind bars.

According to reports, the man was married to a woman in Trinidad and moved to Antigua and Barbuda, where he married another woman after just one month of being together.

Rumor has it that while he and the Antiguan woman dated, he told her that he was once married but had gotten a divorce. The woman asked for proof but Wong said his divorce documents were stolen.

She demanded that he get a copy from the law firm however Wong told his new Antiguan wife that he was unable to get an appointment.

But the Antiguan wife persisted even allegedly asking her husband’s father who told her that there “was no record of a divorce in his son’s name”

After months of back and forth, Wong told his new Antiguan wife that he “might have gotten falsified documents, and he agreed to take the necessary steps to get a divorce from his first wife”

He also promised to have the second marriage void and then remarry the Antiguan woman but his wife in Trinidad found out. Once she learned what was happening Wong left the Antiguan woman.

She then reported the matter to the police and Wong was arrested and charged with bigamy


  1. Anonymous

    This is sick, so many men have several woman and its no problem. Putting a ring one one’s finger doesn’t make them any different to those other women.

  2. Joyrose

    Is de man is a Muslim so he feels that he is entitled to more than one wife or is it that he just looking an easier route to citizenship?

  3. Sharon Lycorish

    We call them Trickydadians for a reason. Nevertheless they are amazingly creative and gifted and are part of our peoples. Hopefully that one has accepted his punishment and will not become a repeat offender.


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