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Woman discovers her husband has two other wives

A woman living in Antigua and Barbuda is contemplating going to the police after being a victim of bigamy however she’s concerned that her husband will be imprisoned.

Bigamy is a legal term that refers to the condition of having more than one wife or husband at one time.

The Hispanic national who prefers to remain anonymous tells our newsroom that she found out in August this year that her husband of three years has two other wives in different countries.

“I didn’t know that he was married to these women. I found out not too long ago by accident. Now I don’t know what to do because if I make a report to the police he will go to jail and I love my husband”, she said.

The woman who is also Antiguan and Barbudan by naturalization said she met her husband during an event at Jolly Habour and instantly fell in love with him.

“He is a wonderful man. Very quiet. He works hard and makes money. I just didn’t know when he travels to the Dominican Republic and Guyana that he was going there to meet his other family”, she said

The curvaceous 41-year-old said her husband also lied about not being able to have children, telling our newsroom that he has 7 children with his two other wives.

“He told me cannot have children because of an accident. We even talked about adopting and he pretended to agree with me,” she said.

The woman who has also been in discussion with a local attorney about the matter said she found out about her husband’s triple life through a male friend.

“A mutual friend gave me a hint. He told me he wanted to say something to me but he was worried he would get into trouble. I begged him for weeks until he told me indirectly that my husband wasn’t legally mine and I should confront him,” she said

The distraught woman said he didn’t deny the allegations when she confronted her husband.

“You are my wife. The others are my wives. He told me that my relationship with them cannot affect my relationship with him. I was shocked. I thought he would tell me it wasn’t true but he admitted it,” she said.

The woman said her husband was honest and told her about his other wives, showing her photos of his other children as well.

“I hear about these things but never did I think for a moment this would be my life,” she admitted

Since the shocking revelation, the woman said she has been in “two minds” about telling the police about the matter since bigamy is a crime in Antigua and Barbuda.

“But when I get him arrested what will I do? He is my life. He is my husband. I love him how am I supposed to live without him? But then how will I live knowing I’m in this situation?”.

In Antigua and Barbuda, the act of bigamy is a crime, and the marriage to the second spouse is subject to annulment, as well as civil and criminal consequences in some cases.

“So, this means I don’t have a husband if it is only the first wife who takes precedence over the others. This cannot be right”, she said

When asked whether she would report the matter to the police, the woman said she is still contemplating however her lawyer stands ready to take action once she makes up her mind.


  1. Smh

    Chupz chupz you must be a yam head I would a done report him to the police this man take u for a fool an u talking bout love him?
    He’s a pathological lier he deserves to be in prison wat if he has more wives an u only Kno about the two chupz, this is how Yu all get abuse by putting up with nonsense

  2. Jj

    Sis the man is not yours he belongs to the first wife

    • Anonymous


  3. Anonymous

    Wow! Sounds like a soap opera. I am sorry for her though.

    • Yasmine

      Many men are married to other women mentally too. I hate men!

      • Anonymous

        In the sight of GOD, she is not his wife any way, his first wife is always his wife in the sight of God.

    • Eloise45@yahoo.com

      This story made me very sad. A woman don’t ever need to dind out her man has other wives in such a manner. I don’t know what I would do at this time.

      Sincerely Eloise

  4. Anonymous

    It’s so funny how people want to have their cake and eat it too. Lawd send help mehson.

  5. Blessed child

    I am speechless. But is this man a Muslim.
    Because they could have more than one wife. I understand how confuse u are.
    Because when some of us ladies think we alone with the man we have and when we fall in love then we fine out the truth.some of us fight, some of us leave, some of us stay and dont give a shit,but my sister this is marriage,you need to sit and speak to him more,
    Like where u stand eith this
    Is the other wifes know about the other,
    My sister follow your heart
    God knows best


    Marriage is a very big commitment, I commend the friend for telling you.but now that you know it’s all up to you, your husband has never treated you badly or.made you feel less.of a woman,no one is perfect ,way ever decision you make let it be yours not friends,nor family but yours only. Remember forgiveness is about you not the other person. This is emotional hurt but again.let your decision be yours .care less and worry less about what people say,they will talk regardless.

  7. Victor Moreno

    They legalize same sex marriage, but bigany is a crime??? A wha me ah hear say ya tall tall tall !!!

  8. Isha


  9. Anonymous

    I strongly believe this women users is looking a get away to bigger country,he don’t love none of u,lady get out of that mess u find ur self in,remember love work both ways.

  10. Jakie

    No spanish speaks that way and the story is a farce… somebody is looking for attention and, they made up this story to get other person’s opinion.


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