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Editorial Staff

ABWU and KFC Negotiate Wage Increase for Employees

Line staff at KFC Antigua are set to benefit from a wage increase following the signing of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Company and the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union (ABWU).

The increases will be implemented over a three-year period on the following schedule: Year 1 -$15/weekly; Year 2 – $13/weekly and Year 3 – $13/weekly.

The new agreement also increases the starting pay from $9.00 per hour to $9.50. Additionally, some staff members will benefit from further wage adjustments based on their years of employment with the company.

ABWU Industrial Relations Officer, Hugh Joseph, described the overall tone of the negotiations as cordial, despite some differences. Joseph said that both parties “did what was in the best interest of the employees and the continued successful operation of the business.”

KFC General Manager, Tessa Hesse said the new agreement comes at a time when the Company is still recovering from the Pandemic and facing increases in production costs.

Notwithstanding, Hesse noted that KFC Antigua was proud to maintain full employment even in these difficult times.

The General Manager said that throughout the negotiations the Company was mindful of the rising cost of living and was committed to providing some level of relief to employees.

Hesse added that it gave the Company “great pride” to make good on the agreement.

Executive Secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Employers Federation, Arlene Martin, said that the Federation, through close cooperation with KFC Antigua, was able to conclude negotiations in record time.

Martin underscored that the Federation was a critical partner in assisting companies to negotiate labour agreements. The new agreement covers the period October 01, 2022 – September 30, 2025.


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