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Editorial Staff

WATCH:Dominicans protest for electoral reform and fresh elections

Dominicans turned out in large numbers outside of the parliament protesting for electoral reform and fresh general elections no later than 2024.

Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM), organized the protest. The groups have been actively advocating for electoral reform in Dominica since January 2018, through its weekly radio programmes,  public education campaign, and a number of public protests against such issues as the government’s proposed amendment to the Elections Act.

Loftus Durand, a member of CCM said “outside our parliamentary building where laws are supposed to be enacted, to ensure that at least that very long-drawn-out situation of electoral reform, just making the process free and fair, putting the mechanism in place that, that will be done,”.

“So whenever the next [general] election is called in Dominica, the Dominican population, by and large, should be much more satisfied…”

According to Durand, “February 7, 2023, is the first sitting of parliament. We are calling the people of Dominica out, we are not calling party supporters, we are calling on Dominicans, those of you who believe in your country, those of you who believe in democracy, come out and be counted on that day.”

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit told a press conference last week that consultation with the renowned Caribbean jurist, Sir Dennis Byron took place on Monday, January 23.

He described that engagement as “very constructive” where they both looked at some of the recommendations.


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