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Editorial Staff


Our story is well documented, where we came from, how we got here, and why we are still here. May we consider this a new start, an opportunity granted us by the creator to “get things right and to do things right”?

Our motherland is conflict-riddled, thus people are on the move and seeking a place where peace is allowed to prosper.

The people of African descent here in Antigua experienced this move by force, yet much good can be realized if we manage our situation with wisdom. Those repeating the same actions will net the same results.

Our plight should be considered a project and we are chosen enablers to see it through to a satisfactory completion.

Choosing a team to manage the project should never sink into conflict. Adherence of the rules that govern the “race” is key to resident peace. At the end of the race, the comradery of all the contenders should replace the competition and encourage a breathable atmosphere. A true definition of peace is that all conditions are favorable to enhance livelihood.

The million-dollar question of how we can make this marooned community prosperous is before us but likewise is the answer; “foreigners will build your walls”.

For countries with little or no natural resources, it would be no doubt a daunting undertaking to grow their economies, but there is hope. There are those desirous of investing in a peaceful environment and preparing ourselves to be viewed as such is paramount to being chosen for such ventures. A volatile political atmosphere along with unacceptable crime levels would indeed be major concerns of prospective partners.

For the welfare of all, political actions and rhetoric should promote peace by storing the track shoes in mothballs until the next meet.

Careful evaluation of those who come to assist in the development of our country should be prioritized. Some, even many might be here to build the walls but others have come, some with empty hands, to take the city. It is important, even very important to separate the builders from the takers.

We express gratitude and say thanks to those who are here to help us build our walls, establishing security and well-being for our people.

Thanks to our relatives from the Caribbean territories who have brought their skills and brawn; the project will fail without you. Thanks to those from the motherland, your contributions in the medical, engineering, agricultural, and many other fields are appreciated.

Those from other territories who have brought their wealth and skills to enable the project, we thank you.

We say thanks to the Most High for making us a part of this adventure. May He grant us the wisdom to know who are the wall builders and may He also enable us to identify the hyenas and protect our favor from being consumed by these.

Quepit Cimple

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  1. L Browne

    Nothing more can be added except for us to open our eyes.We are here people of color because our ancestors fought,survive the belly of the unsurvivable rotten journey from Africa to Antigua.Now let this new survival of this passage by air be met with love and concern.With practical vetting ,let’s lay down the red carpet and welcome.our brothers and sisters to our shores.Our race the.original BLACK race MUST survive and thrive anywhere and everywhere.We enhance the cause of the yellow and white race ,their evil agenda, and caumoflage skin teeth smiles as love.Let’s be.careful very careful or else when we are.dead and gone our new young generation may just be repeating slavery and the wip from the new masters who are spreading their wicked tenticles like spider webs througout our Caribbean once again.Our futuee generation may not be going back to the laborous journey of cotten and cane ,but might own no land to plant when it rains.It could just be slavery again.


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