Bishop Browne will accept no more appointments unless new prison is built

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Mar 13, 2023

In photo from left to right: Mr. Ragi Burton, (Member/Justice of the Peace) Mrs. Margret-Rose DeSilvia-Myers (Member/Justice of the Peace). Sir Clare Roberts (Governor General’s Deputy), Jacqueline Carter (Member/Justice of the Peace)., and Bishop Charlesworth Browne (Chairman/Justice of the Peace). NB.

The Chairman of the Prison Board Charlesworth Browne says he will accept no new appointment to the Prison Board (PVC) unless a new prison is built this term. Browne has been serving in that position since 2014.

Browne made these remarks during a ceremony, where he and four other members of the board of His Majesty’s Prison were appointed following the January 18 general elections.

The instruments of appointment were conferred by Governor General’s Deputy, Sir Clare Roberts.

Bishop Browne also pledged to heighten the call for a brand-new correctional facility with an emphasis on rehabilitation and the need for alternate sentencing measures.

All took the Oath of Office and Oath of secrecy by way of Affirmation instead of Swearing on the Bible. 


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