Governor General warns public about social media scam involving his name

Editorial Staff

Apr 12, 2023

Governor General Sir Rodney Williams

Members of the general public are asked to refrain from sending any information or money to anyone purporting to be the Governor General unless such a request is confirmed by his office.

In a press statement issued late last night, the Governor General said his office has been notified that recently, false information purporting to be associated with the Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda has been circulating online.

The false posts which appear on Facebook, feature a photo of the Governor General and in at least one case suggest that the Governor General requires personal details from individuals so that their accounts can be credited, according to his office.

“The Office of the Governor General denounces this false claim and by way of this notice, advises the general public to be wary of any such posts and to report them immediately”

“It should be noted that the valid Facebook Page for the Governor General is ‘Governor-General Antigua Barbuda’ and that no requests for funds or personal information will be made through this medium” the statement added.


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