Editorial Staff
10 months ago

Editorial Staff
10 months ago

Contraband confiscated from Vincy prison

Authorities in St Vincent and the Grenadines have confiscated a number of illegal items from His Majesty’s Prison’s Belle Isles Correctional Facility.

The search was part of the prison’s routine search of the facility

A targeted search of the facility was done based on intelligence according to lawmen in St Vincent who claimed that during the search, a cache of contraband that pose a safety risk was confiscated. 

Here’s a breakdown of the items.

  • 28 phone chargers 
  • 23 phone batteries, 
  • 14 headphones 
  • four (4) ear pads 
  • one (1) power pack 
  • 14 scissors 
  • six (6) diggers 
  • one (1) hacksaw blade 
  • a quantity of marijuana, high leaf, and cigarettes 

Dwayne Bailey, the Acting Superintendent of Prisons said that diggers are used in fights to inflict injuries. He also said that “the searches were undertaken by the prison authority to safeguard the safety of inmates, employees, and visitors”


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