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Editorial Staff

Two men dead after roof collapses in English Habour

State Media

Police are carrying out an investigation after two men died in a freak accident in English Harbour Friday afternoon.

The men were reportedly working on a construction site and sustained severe injuries when a slab of concrete collapsed.

One of the men died on the spot, while the other was pronounced dead after being rushed to hospital. Both men are in their early 20s.

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  1. Mystic

    Safety is Of Paramount Importance
    Insufficient Funding!!
    Cut Korners/ Trek Chance!
    Unregulated. Safety Measure s Common
    Mind Altering Modus Opperandus !
    OSHOA where are you
    Mighty Mouse
    Cape! Crusaders!
    Adopt to Adapt Measures????Mystic

    FEILD officers ” Union ” Got Work to Do.


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