Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Man left puzzled after vehicle mysteriously caught fire

Alwyn Crump, a Seaview Farm resident has been left bewildered after his vehicle mysteriously caught fire on Monday afternoon

Crump told fire officers that he left his vehicle engine running and went inside his house but was alerted only minutes later by his neighbors that his pickup was on fire

The blaze destroyed the vehicle and its contents.

Inspector Bagot, the Public Relations Officer of the Fire Department reported that the All Saints Fire Station received a telephone call from 911 stating that there is a pick up on fire in Seaview Farm.

“An immediate response was made in the No. 17 fire tender. On arrival at the scene, the crew met a pick-up belonging to Mr. Alwyn Crump on fire. Water was used from the fire tender to extinguish the fire. Information received from Mr. Crump is that he parked his pick up and left the engine running and went inside. A few minutes later he was alerted by his neighbor that his pickup was on fire” Bagot reported

He said the man called 9-11 immediately but by the time fire tenders arrived, the vehicle and everything in it was destroyed

The fire brigade is investigating the origin of the fire.


  1. Anonymous

    Oh my. That is something many of do… leave the vehicle running just to run inside quickly and come back out. Unfortunate incident.

  2. Sad to say

    Sad to sa

  3. Sad to say

    Sad to saI would say it is hus fault I was in my daughter’s car that sane day with me son and my youngest daughter when me saw his gastank was opened both covers open we were on independence drive between social security and recreation grounds my son got out of the car and went to inform him and ge drove off without stopping to make a check and he had to know how gasoline stay when it us exposed so it is his fault No one toblame but himself


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