Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Editorial Staff
9 months ago

Man charged for allegedly selling car he fraudulently obtained with other persons ID

By Zaya Williams

Twenty-eight-year-old Jahmuel Williams is now on remand at His Majesty’s Prison for using someone else’s ID to acquire a car from one man and sell it to another.

He made his first appearance in court today but was denied bail.

It is said that Williams rented a vehicle in early 2022 using a driver’s license with a name other than his own and got into an accident with said vehicle.

It is alleged that he then offered to buy the car from the person whom he rented the vehicle from for $18,000.

He however reportedly signed the Bill of Sale under a false name in March 2022.

The defendant reportedly promised to pay the complainant $1000 per month but never did and instead disappeared.

In December 2022, he reportedly tried to sell the car to another individual for $3500 in two installments but somehow managed to convince the person that the ownership documents were at his home at the time of making the sale and promised to give them to him the following day.

He allegedly fled the country thereafter and was apprehended and charged upon his return.

Williams is now charged with forging a Bill of sale, fraudulently obtaining a car, impersonating another individual, and fraudulently obtaining two sets of money.

He is now in prison pending his next hearing.


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